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10 Poems for Inspiration and Love Wishes

10 Poems for Inspiration and Love Wishes

Inspiration and love is something that we should never feel in short supply of. They are all around us, and deeply etched within us. It’s often our deepest wishes that inspire us to set the intentions toward our dreams, so make some wishes and imagine the possibilities. Take time to self-reflect and dream often…!

Here are 10 poems for inspiration and love wishes. I am sharing them here for now, but at some point they will be added to one of my poetry books. I hope that you can enjoy and appreciate them! 🙂


Raw and Real  


When you nourish the heart of another

You get to see the raw beauty of their soul. 

You appreciate their spirit as it sparkles through an ocean of ecstasy 

Set adrift at the sheer delight of being so lovingly seen.

For when you accept the heart of another,

You get to share in the wonder of their light

And dance with them through the shadows 

Because love melts through defences and doubts 

And softly opens a space to show up in real and true fullness 

When we feel safe and assured that we can 


Diamond in the Dust  


Beauty isn’t always obvious

Beauty is often found in the most bizarre, unexpected of places. 

She is a treasure obscured

She is a diamond in the dust

So shy in her might

Yet so brave in her bones

Enduring each hell to reach her heavenly star

A beauty to be in awe of

A beauty craving to be seen

A diamond in the dust,

She is the strongest of all earthbound queens


In Pieces


Letting go doesn’t happen all at once

Letting go takes time, kindness, compassion.

Letting go is how you heal a little more with each passing day

Letting go… it happens in pieces,

It’s a slow and gentle walk through your heart

As you nostalgically tread upon everything you need to leave behind

So be tender with your letting go,

Trust your heart.

Gift your healing with the respect and care it deserves

And little by little,

You will learn to let go,

Bit by bit, piece by piece,

So you can breathe fresh air once more.


Can We


And truly, all I really want to know is 

Are you strong enough for yourself?

Will you be strong enough for me? 

Can you hold me up when I’m falling down,

Spray my soul with kindness 

As you tickle away these aches and frowns,

Can you share your heart with mine 

On a mutual ocean of love we define, 

Can we make it together, 

On these arms of forever, 

Gently, crazily, 

Through karmic charms and angel binds

A lover’s crusade through pockets of time


Someone to Love


I want someone to love me

Before my hair thins and greys out

I want someone to love me

And in this love to have no doubts


I want someone to love me

In the shape of which I am

I want someone to love me

And guide me with their hand


I want someone to love me

Because they see the world in my eyes

I want someone to love me

Without fear or feelings disguised 


I want someone to love me 

With passion and with soul 

I want someone to love me 

With eyes of flaming sparks and whispers of gold


I want someone to love me

Whilst I’m able to walk and dance

I want someone to love me

And soften my heart with each advance 


I want someone to love me 

Through laughter, storms and tears 

I want someone to love me 

Through all seasons and growing years 


I want someone to love me 

To catch me as I fall 

I want someone to love me 

And find comfort in all my flaws


I want someone to love me

In all the ways I have never been loved

I want someone to love me

As I’m an Angel from above 


I want someone to love me 

With truth, kindness and care 

I want someone to love me 

With their soul so vulnerably bare 


I want someone to love me

Just as I can love them back

Devotedly, unconditionally

From sunshine days to deep hues of black


Making Peace


Bravely make peace with your pain so it doesn’t steal your life away.

And when you do so, 

You inspire courage in the hearts of others to do the same.

And isn’t that the most beautiful presence of purpose…

To find a way to rise against all odds

And extend a hand of hope to the ones that feel your story.

Look around you. 

You will see many beautiful warriors digging deep and facing their hurt. 

And they are warriors, 

Because it is far easier to build barriers around your heart

Than it is to break them down

And isn’t it one of life’s most admirable lessons,

To keep your heart open when the world and all its woes

Has given you every reason to keep it shut down.


Back to Life 


You don’t realise how electric you are, 

You brought me back to life 

With just one kiss,

With a single heart-filled exchange 

So pure, so real, 

You jumpstarted my heart 

Now I’m floating through the skies

In this galaxy so bright 

Flying high on your magnetic star 

Sinking deep into your spirit 

And sailing on your wings 

The sky looks so different,

Sparkling, effervescent, 

It’s painted with love 

Infused in hope 

Like a shower of diamonds 

And they are trickling through my spine 

You brought me back to life my love, 

You brought me back home




You will never know how strong you are until you are cornered

Into letting go of something you truly love

Because strength isn’t always bolstered by holding on,

But in beautifully, and so painfully letting go.


The Sweetest Strength


Sweet soul,

Don’t let this world fool you,

There is nothing wrong with you.


The Strength to be you,

The Strength to feel completely safe to be you,

This is perhaps the greatest strength of all

Because it means there is no more fear,

No more doubt,

No more disguises,

And no more masquerades,

And through this strength,

You can appreciate yourself

Through this strength,

You can be free


Cold hands


If you cannot caress my soul as deeply as you touch my body,

Then your hands will always feel too cold to carry my heart.


Thank you for reading my poems for inspiration and love wishes! All my books including 5 poetry titles can be found on my author page, they are available for download through various online suppliers, thanks, Chrissy. Please share these with your friends and loved ones 🙂

Here’s one more!

Way of the Heart


For the heart, there is always a way

Maybe not a way that you had expected or hoped for

But there is always a way.

What we see with the eyes of our mind

Finds a whole new kaleidoscope of colour through the vision of our heart.

For the heart,

There is always a way.

If you cannot go through an obstacle,

Span outward,

Orbit through the sight of your heart

And you will find your way around it


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