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Exit Point: Arrows from a Rebel Heart is my most recent self publication- January 2018. I share over 175 poems and reflections written from my heart, soul, my experiences, and my struggles to hopefully empower you through yours. Writing this book was a profound and personal journey for me.

There are healing and powerful words to touch hearts from all walks of life in Exit Point, whether you are struggling with sorrow or feeling lost through life’s hits- words are powerful and can help transform perceptions and the value of every emotional experience. Exit Point takes you on a deep and meaningful poetic journey. It contains both free verse and rhyming poetry.

“You are not worth less because of your pain and struggle, you are worth more. In order to heal, we must firstly feel and weave every wound into wisdom and spin hurt into our souls golden glory.”Christine

Exit Point: Arrows from a Rebel Heart is available here

In December 2016 I self published my first e-book ‘Stardust and Star Jumps’©. ‘Stardust’ represents our spiritual selvesand soul essence and ‘Star Jumps’ represents our physical being, our human form. The connection of ‘Stardust and Star Jumps’ lies in being happy deep within yourself from your ‘soul place’ and using all you have to magic the life you dream of into physical existence. The book is intended as a short yet powerful guide to help readers reach toward their dreams, goals, or life purpose. As individuals, we create our own reality through our actions, thoughts, and behaviours.

We all have our meaningful reason for existence and we spend much time in confused and unclear thought as to what it may be. Sometimes the search takes us down the seemingly wrong roads that eventually lead us to the right ones. We have our own free will and this in essence creates our destiny, the decisions that we make and actions that we take nudge us to where we are meant to be.

The book explores how to move past fears and overcome perceived limits so you can move forward from an intuitive and heart-led space. The positive cannot exist without the negative, life is a beautiful polarity and this is a strong theme in the book.

Stardust and Star Jumps is available here

In May 2017 I self published ‘The Touch of 10,000 Words’. A collection of inspirational and thoughtful musings & poetry; reflections on aspects of life, love, inner magic and beauty, celestial rhyme, wisdom, strength and the pursuit of dreams. In ‘The Touch of 10,000 words’ my reflections and the poetry are presented to hopefully empower, heal, and inspire. The Touch of 10,000 words contains 111 poems and reflections with a sensitive yet strong touch for a mindful and magical read. Poems are short-medium length with a combination of free verse and rhyme.

The Touch of 10,000 Words is available here


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