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7 Inspiring Poems for Love and Personal Growth

7 Inspiring Poems from A Shore of Spiritual Shells for Love and Personal Growth

Inspiring poems help to touch us back to the centre of our heart. They serve as a reminder of all the strength that resides within the human spirit. I’ve chosen to share 7 inspiring poems and verses from my book A Shore of Spiritual Shells: Poetry for Inner Strength and Faith to embolden love and personal growth.

The Meaning of “A Shore of Spiritual Shells”

Shells are magical and heavenly. Each one is unique and beautiful in its own right- just as we are as human beings. Shells are spiritual symbols of endings and beginnings, rebirth, healing, originality, fertility and good fortune. They represent the journey through an emotional, and sometimes turbulent sea that washes them up on the shore as gifts and tributes from the ocean.

The external, hard casing of the shell is demonstrative of our humanness, and the protection we seek through life. The inner layer is a bounty of softness that symbolizes the subtlety of our spirit. And the distinctive patterns and shapes of sea shells are indicative of our individuality as human beings, souls and spirits.

The inspiring poems in A Shore of Spiritual Shells envelops the nature of our strength as human beings and spiritual warriors.

inspiring poems

From The Heart

Lead from your heart,




For what feels right makes more sense

Than anything the mind can conjure up,

The mind will toy with you through convoluted ways,

Through memories, tremors and trickery,

But your heart is the oracle, the satellite of your soul,

Dear One,

It only inspires you with truth.

And when you reconcile with your heart,

Your mind will pacify,

Hushing in a tempering soothe


Let not your heartache, misery or woes chew you down,

Don’t be so consumed by the shadows and silhouette of loss,

That you forget how truly amazing you are.

Yes, your heart may throb,

Yes, you may be so weary of the chaos,

The unrest, the unease,

The shock waves that make it difficult to breathe…

But Dear One,

Life sometimes only raises you up

Once you are brought down, so poetically to your knees.

Let your strength define you,

Your failures embolden you,

And your tough times stretch you,

So that you may undoubtedly see,

Just how powerful your soul is sculpted,

Whether you turn inwardly, or look farther out,

Your spirit is unbreakable,

And to your heart, eternally devout

Letting Go

Those tears that you weep

Are a cleanse to your soul

Never feel weak

In those times when you feel so low

Each tear drop holds your heart

A memory,

A farewell,

A touch of aching love

With every one that fell

But a journey that found an end

Shares a new beginning to see,

And through the shadows,

These messages are sent so silently

These tears are your strength

An emotional letting go,

A tearful goodbye

To things not meant for your soul


The flowers do not deny the rain

To wash and cleanse,

Move the dead petals away

Nor does the morning spurn the night

To awaken the stars

And push their beauty to sight

Fertile ground nurtures through digging deep

A turn of dry, tired soil that makes it weak

So why resist what must come to play?

Why deny the growth

That edges your way?

We can trust in a fresh picture,

Oozing a dream…

A display of magic we cannot yet see

Believe in Love

Believe in love,

Even when past hurts and old wounds give you every reason not to

Believe in love,

Even when it feels so far, far away

Believe in love,

Because you believe in you.

And there are some hearts…

Those of a chosen few,

That you exquisitely belong in

And their hearts belong in yours too.


Sometimes you get no breath between battles

Situations that squeeze you,

Sending you into a spin

As you sit there and ponder

Why life cages you in

But you can soar within your heart

Breathe between your thoughts

Accept your circumstance

As a signpost to your cause

Fight each battle with the spirit of truth

Know that these hits will dissipate soon,

To wrestle with the angst only powers it more,

Contend with your battles

From hidden depths you explore

The secrets of love,

The knowledge of soul

And a belief that each stumble will inspire you to grow,

Take a breath Cherished Angel,

Softly breathe through your skin

You can find a way to move forward again,

You can find a way to win


You will move through life,

Through the mistakes,

The failures and the falls,

The judgements and the seeping wounds.

You will move through life,

In the most astounding way,

And find greatness in your grief,

That often stole your heart away.

Keep walking through,

For so blessed are your feet,

That flow with the touch of Angels,

Beneath the surface of what you see,

You are protected sweetheart,

Shielded by love,

There is nothing you cannot work through,

Nothing you cannot overcome

Thank you for reading through, please share these inspiring poems for love and personal growth to someone you care about!

Remember that nothing is redundant, every circumstance and situation is an opportunity for personal growth and greater love. Life is a journey toward the wisdom ingrained beneath our human shell. Thanks, Chrissy 🙂

Excerpts from A Shore of Spiritual Shells. Copyright 2019 Christine Evangelou/The Motivation Angel. All Rights Reserved.

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