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The Stars In Our Scars

The Stars In Our Scars

After writing Pieces: A Poetry Anthology, I wanted to write another paperback book of poetry filled with all-new inspirational poems based on my thoughts, feelings and experiences through 2021-2023.

The outcome was The Stars in Our Scars. This poetry book contains over 230 inspirational, soulful and relatable poems that touch on themes of love, affection, loss, unhealthy relationships and patterns, hope, healing, inspiration and inner strength.

The Stars in Our Scars- Chapters

Fallen Stars, Chapter 1, focuses on poems of loss, sorrow, mistreatment, fragmented relationships and challenges. Shooting Stars, Chapter 2, focuses on poems of hope, healing, love, affection, spiritual strength, autonomy and fresh inspiration.

I see humanity as the fallen stars, with past wounding, sorrow, and loss woven in to our existence. Each of us is doing our best to evolve through life’s traumas and tragedies, and as these brave, and wonderful fallen stars, we seek for shooting stars. Shooting Stars remind us of life’s hope, magic, inspiration and beauty. Love is both our journey, and destination.

We all carry scars in our stars, and stars in our scars.

The Stars In Our Scars- Opening Poem


Look at you, 

An ethereal glow is embedded in the wonder of your bones, 

You carry the power of love in your heart,

And the air that nourishes the world fills the magic of your lungs,

You are a wonder of the stars don’t you see? 

It’s in your spiritual code to awaken to what this means,

So don’t fight the pain that nestles upon your changing frame, 

For each wound will heal to hold a scar in its honour and name,

To say that you were here,

To know that you have lived, 

These are the scars in our stars, 

And they become our great purpose to give


The Stars In Our Scars is available as paperback and digital download. May this book offer you some love, healing and hope to keep lighting your way! 

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Chrissy 🙂

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