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Poetry Performances

Poetry Performances and Author Days

In the past year or two I have begun attending some poetry performances alongside other poets. These poetry performances are normally based at local events in North London. I’m still building my confidence with these performances! Information about these events are normally posted to my social media pages. Please keep an eye out for these- they are free events and a very diverse groups of poets attend 🙂

Here are some short clips from some of my poetry recitals!

This is a clip of “I am the Petal” from a short poetry performance at The Dugdale in Enfield Town, North London.

At Edmonton Green, a few poets found a nice little spot beside some trees 🌳 so I recited a poem relating to trees! My apologies for the pause and restart on the last verse! Thanks to Mary @enfield_poets for holding my book whilst I read!
This poem is in my book “Pieces: A Poetry Anthology” available on Amazon as paperback or digital download.

Author Days

In February, 2024, I also took part in my first Author Day at Silverways school in Enfield Town. I had a great time, a lovely welcome, and met some lovely staff, children, and authors.


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