The Motivation Angel

She, The Lone Wolf- a short motivational story

There is a resounding heart beat that sits within She-the lone wolf. It beats to the power and presence of a purpose, a vibration, a score and a soundtrack of her intelligent soul making. It needs no external validation, it remains unmatched to parallel. It beats to the sound of a divine will and an orchestra of her inner beauty.

She-The Lone Wolf walks alone and fights for her voice to echo above the calls that howl. Fearless in spirit, her gut guides her through; her inner radar and a tattoo imprint on her heart that only she can hear, sense, see and feel. When all is lost she breathes deep to all she knows she can win. Rock bottom beauty is the foundation she sits upon- her renewal awaits her like a beacon through the dark. Moon-lit nights when full to its peak and star gazing glory inspire her soul to new heights. She aches for her place to sit among the stars, her place of home with a celestial vista view.

She solidifies her path by embracing her solitude- fortified in silence is where her soul jolts her dreams. This road is hers to walk alone, a crafted journey from the blueprint of her divinity. Directed and profound her eyes seek beyond all that is visible to find the unknown. She is uncovering layers and seeking truth beneath the words unsaid, the emotions that lay disguised and the thoughts that clutter. These are only the surface ties that bind. What’s real is unspoken and curious to her heart. A mission within to harness her full strength is a lone walk through darkness to the light that shines as two worlds collide.

Not everyone can see her beauty and they may question her choice. She- the lone wolf can never disguise her voice. It’s black on white, and boldly blue, red-hot in temper, and golden in hew. Words bond to paper like a magnet- drawn to the clarity and starkness of the blank page. Her paper is her playground where her soul dances free. Adventure in pain and dynamic in love, those words are her partners to angels from above.

Dismissed, abandoned and quietly betrayed, she learned to battle alone. She dealt with her wounds and carried each scar that sank to her bones. Her wounds are a place where the light hits the mark- what lies beneath is always a renewal awaiting a spark.

Lone wolf beauty I know you so well. Keep fighting your corner and weaving your spells. Your presence is a value that only you can see- a prism of light shines independent wisdom from spaces unseen. Don’t hide in the shadows; it’s your time to make way, to feed your victory forward to your brand new day.

“Scars are just a treasure map for pain you’ve buried too deep to remember. Like a missing tooth, sometimes an absence is more noticeable than a presence. “The wolves knew when it was time to stop looking for what they’d lost, to focus instead on what was yet to come.”- Jodi Picoult


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