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3 Steps to Creating Greater Inner Confidence

“You are as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fears; as young as your hope, as old as your despair” – Samuel Ullman

Inner child

If we look at a child we can comprehend the true vibrancy of inner confidence. They thrive on a fearless and courageous spirit- they innately believe in themselves and their abilities. We can learn so much from our younger counterparts. They have not had their inner voice shut down or hushed by external circumstance and outside noise. They filter life through a totally different lens.

This is a place we can tap back into when we fortuitously rise up to remember the essence of that same fearlessness that still lives deep within us- beneath layers of mistakes, wrong turns, and our own poor self judgement. When we believe, we definitely can achieve, and sail past any perceived limitations.

Creating confidence

The power of our mind acts like a coordinator of all our behaviours and corresponding actions. When we can emerge from our own confused and seemingly cut-off state of thinking, we see that there are no limits, only possibilities that we can create. What we build in our mindset is up to us- we can choose which thoughts direct us and our energy.

Inner confidence is not loud or self-absorbed. It is the intelligent sound of our inner strength talking- a resonance with our own authentic truth.

“Don’t let others put thoughts into your mind that takes away your self-confidence” – Katori Hall

1. Trust your own inner voice

Fears and anxiety are created from outside your soul consciousness and vibration. What we have within is brave and courageous, and full of unequivocal hope. It is hard to break hope- it is something that gets beaten down over a gradual period of time- yet sparks always remain. When we learn to listen to our wise voice from within, it speaks to us of all we inherently know. Deep down, we know that we are full of potential and spirited from an inner flame that cannot be extinguished. We buy into other people’s fears and worries without even realising it, we allow our own inner compass to be changed by someone else’s direction. Trust is an imperative tool for accessing all we have within. We can enhance that muscle of trust and inner knowing by immersing ourselves back into ourselves.

Times of being alone act as a reset to your thinking and a greater understanding of your thought processes. We calm our mind by tuning out the waves of outside noise, and times of solitude or meditation inspire that action.

“I believe the process of going from confusion to understanding is a precious, even emotional, experience that can be the foundation of self-confidence” – Brian Greene

2. Use fear as fuel

Often, when we feel afraid our instinctive reaction is to raise our shield and run from the source of that fear. Our protective processes and survival instincts kick in and move us away from the very thing that could potentially provide us with something truly amazing. We should never lose the beauty that is embedded in the world of chance. There are no guarantees and certainty only cultivates more imagined limits and barriers. When we feel afraid we should always question what sits beneath that fear. When we can expose it for what it is, it loses the power to keep us locked into its falsity. We can only find courage, confidence and bravery through fear- we find our way forward by challenging it, not avoiding it.

When you engage your self confidence it inspires an approach that seeks to try new things and get wrapped up in chance. It acts like rocket fuel to your self esteem; intrinsically and passionately motivating you to find more new doors to open.

“Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment”- Thomas Carlyle

3. Believe in your presence and integral values

The first person you should always be committed to is yourself. When we commit to the truth of whom we are and value our own unique energy imprint, it shines the light of integrity upon all we do. When we stand strong in what we value, aspire to and believe in we are less likely to be permeated and perplexed by other people’s values, beliefs and aspirations. Your own strength and integrity acts as a barrier of love- a protective rebounder of what does not serve your presence. We rise taller from our own fertile foundation, a golden-touched ground of our own making where we create and nourish what blossoms and what buds.

Self belief is your well-spring of inner love. It touches you back to the fearlessness of your inner child who only desires to fully partake in the magic of courageous and confident living.

“For an impenetrable shield, stand inside yourself”- Henry David Thoreau

Turn up your inner light

Self confidence is a fiery and colourful force that illuminates you from within, and you are fully in charge of how bright you turn up that light. We build upon inner confidence layer by layer and stroke by stroke- patiently endowing our inner blanket of courage.

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