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3 Reminders on Healing and Emotional Freedom: Healing is Inevitable

3 Reminders on Healing and Emotional Freedom: Healing is Inevitable

How do we move toward releasing what does not serve us in order to sense a greater feeling of emotional freedom and inner balance?

There may be a few ways to describe emotional freedom. To me, emotional freedom is the intelligent integration, healing and release of heavy and overpowering emotion. Emotion that limits or constricts our natural flow in some way, shape or form. If we are loaded with unhealed inner grief and pain- we are not emotionally free. If we are constantly anxious and fearful- we are not emotionally free. And if we continually suffer by the power of our own or another’s emotion- we are not emotionally free.

We are emotional beings and we are innately designed to feel every emotion. Often the weight of what we feel burdens and limits us, leaving us feeling out of control and at the mercy of our emotion. Emotion is intrinsically tied to all that we do and all that we are. Emotions are the juice of life. We can surf them weightlessly or we can bury ourselves beneath them. The responsibility that comes with emotion is ours and ours alone. Essentially, emotional freedom means understanding and processing your emotion with love, integrity, and the strength of intuitive heart-intelligence.

Feel to Heal

If we do not feel, then we cannot heal. We are not born with mechanical hearts. The power of our heart is far greater than that of our brain. So why do we shut down the voice of our heart? Sometimes, it is less messy that way because emotions run deep and we may dive into that abyss and never quite know how we will pull ourselves out from it. Fearfully, we end up denying that emotion, locking it away, and hiding it beneath the human veil. Maybe we are afraid of what we’ll find when we begin to dig through our concealed emotions, and what sits at the very heart of our being. The wounds from our choices and life experiences must be processed and worked through so that we can free ourselves from the suffocating and overwhelming feelings of loss, heartbreak, and emotional trauma.

As human beings, our survival instinct inherently means we want to avoid pain, and yet it is the pain we so much want to refute and forsake that can transcend and transform us in a deeply personal and positive way. We confront our deepest fears when we face our deepest pain. We are shaped and fortified by our experiences. When we absorb them, we learn from them and let them go with courage and grace.

“As you heal, you see yourself more realistically. You accept that you are a person with strengths and weaknesses. You make the changes you can in your life and let go of the things that aren’t in your power to change. You learn that every part of you is valuable. And you realize that all of your thoughts and feelings are important, even when they’re painful or difficult.”  ― Ellen Bass

Freedom Within

Freedom is something that we inspire within. External circumstances are bound to limits, rules and laws that we may not always have control over. This can cause us to feel very trapped and caged in our outer world. An enlightened awareness of what we have the power to change can move us forward. And we only have this power over ourselves. We cannot effect changes in our external world without recognizing them firstly through our emotional compass and inner dynamics. Truth ignites freedom. It is the capacity to independently be who we are. It means to live unashamedly and to stop apologizing to the world for our quirks and flaws and everything that makes us unique. When we live with truth and authenticity then we shift our inner gears to find the blossoms of that honesty in our outer world too.

If we lie to ourselves and abandon our heart then the world around us becomes a more confusing, suspicious and anxious place. When we open our hearts to truth and integrity it mirrors that freedom right back to us. Freedom begins from within. Realise that your fundamental essence supersedes your circumstances and the grave of yours or another’s judgements.

“Rescue your heart when you feel you need to
Choose to share it with those that value and appreciate everything you are
And everything you are not.
Hold your heart in your hands and cherish its riches.
Love in its purest form comes without judgement or conditions,
But you need to value your heart first so that others can love you there too.” – Christine Evangelou, Rocks Into Roses


How much do you trust yourself? Often, what we actually lack is the beauty of trust within ourselves. If we don’t believe and trust in who we are then how can we heal our inner wounds? And how can we ever be free? If we don’t respect or value our emotions then how can we be responsible for managing them toward meaning, purpose, and progression through life? When everything falls down around us and life hits us with tough times and sorrow, it is trust and belief in the person that we are that pulls us through. If we are emotionally dependant on someone else or anything external to us then that forms the opposite of emotional freedom. It creates further cycles of wounded emotions that weigh upon our spirit.

Think about it. If we cannot trust, love and respect ourselves then how can we truly trust, love and respect anyone else? We should seek kindness, grace and compassion within ourselves first. The more we do this, the more we vibrate that love outwardly. To trust in ourselves is to be emotionally free from the shackles born of the opinions and beliefs of others.

“None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward. Because we trust. Because we have Faith.”  — Paulo Coelho

Healing is inevitable…

Wherever you are on your emotional journey, healing is inevitable at some point because without that retreat into your inner world for understanding it becomes so much harder to function in your outer world. Life always finds a way to steer us toward the conditions that we need in order to evolve so that we may intuitively unravel our emotions and arise far stronger for it. We experience emotions for a reason so we should not numb ourselves from them. By the same token, we should not remain isolated and stuck within them.

Sometimes it takes a broken heart, swollen with inner grief and sorrow to act as a catalyst toward a higher emotional plane and maturity. We cannot force our hearts to open or push ourselves to heal. It is our experiences and connection with ourselves and those close to our heart that give rise to the emotions we are challenged to overcome and transcend.

Our heart is well timed to the nature of our soul. Perhaps the first step to becoming emotionally free is to fervently trust in the power and commitment of your heart and your emotional direction. The goal being, to feel safe in your own spiritual skin and hold yourself within that love. A place where you feel free to just be.

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