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Pieces: A Poetry Anthology

Pieces: A Poetry Anthology is my first book in the format of paperback. As such, I felt that this book deserved a page of its own! 🙂

I have been writing quite prolifically and publishing my work since 2016; I published all my previous books in e-book format but I felt the need to do something different for “Pieces: A Poetry Anthology” as it is an extensive collection of my poems- over 300 in fact.

Pieces: A Poetry AnthologyThe book itself is a blend of my old and new poetry.

The poems are heart-hitting, inspirational and healing in nature and the book has 3 chapters: Love Letters, Fighters and Survivors, and Petals of Hope.

Love Letters is the voice of the heart, Fighters and Survivors is the voice of the soul, and Petals of Hope is the voice of the human spirit.

I have been sharing a number of my new poems in “Pieces” on my social media and I’ll be including more in my blog posts. Here are 8 Poems for Hope and Inner Peace from Pieces: A Poetry Anthology.

Hopefully you can take some time to check out my new anthology “Pieces”

If you are a UK resident and would like a signed copy of my book, please get in touch to purchase directly from me!

Many Thanks, Chrissy 🙂 X