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8 New Poems to Inspire Hope and Inner Peace

8 New Poems to Inspire Hope and Inner Peace

It’s been a while since I have posted anything to my site! I am now working on a new book of poetry; this will be an anthology which combines my new poems with some of my older ones.

Update! “Pieces: A Poetry Anthology is now live as paperback or digital download. I’ll post selections of poems/quotes from the book on my poetry page Chrissie’s Voice as well as The Motivation Angel and my related social media.

In the meantime, here are 8 poems to inspire hope and inner peace from my book: “Pieces: A Poetry Anthology”. I really hope that you resonate with them and that they help to bring you some hope and inner peace.




And sometimes, that’s all we need, 

A hand to hold, 

An arm to cling to, 

A cheek to kiss, 

Someone to laugh with, 

Cry with, share silence with, 

Body to body, 

Heart to heart, 

Soul to soul, 

Someone to sustain us, 

A companion, someone to miss,

Someone that doesn’t even need to say “I’ve got you and I get you”, 

Because you already know 

And that is priceless,

Sustenance, a precious gift bestowed. 


To Love 


I have no desire to live a phony fairy tale, 

Or part this world with a weakened, wounded heart 

I simply want to love,

To give it, receive it, cherish it, 

Eject it outwardly,

Hold it inwardly,

As though every winter was a spring,

And every summer a song,

And the fallen leaves of autumn

Is what I let go of to move on 


Collapsing Hearts 


There are many that will love you, 

Or pretend to love you, 

But only a chosen few, 

Or an extra special one, 

That will supply your soul with its deepest wish, 

To be loved, 



And unreservedly

When two hearts fall into each other, 

Stars collide,

Minds are magnetically met, 

And worlds are shaken.

You’ll wonder why this love took it’s time, 

Why the others left you trailing behind, 

But then you’ll see the past for what it is, 

Just snapshots in time, 

Memories to be released, 

Because it is now that truly matters, 

And the love that is now 

Is always the most consuming love, 

The one that makes you believe in the notion of love again, 

Two hearts collapsing into each other, 

Knowing that their soul will be sheltered, 

And embraced until the end


Rebirth of the Heart 


Through heartbreak, 

A heart breaks open,

Spilling out all feelings

Because it can no longer lock anything in, 

And through this openness,

A heart can gain depth, understanding, compassion,

And forge an entirely new strength, 


To love with a greater fury,

To heal with a bigger love,

To give when all seems lost,

And to feel so explicitly,

So powerfully, 

Regenerating a life,

Enhancing a soul,

And inspiring the spirit of human existence

In every heartbeat, 

And every breath,

A profound restart,

The rebirth of the heart,

Earning gifts and admiring glances,

From heavens gods and guides up above 


Out to Dance 


And that’s the thing about hope,

She springs out of nowhere,

At the glimpse of possibility,

On the breeze of a belief,

The faint chatter of faith,

For beneath the murkiness of despair,

She’s laying there,

Just waiting,

Breathing it all out,

All these fears that devoured you,

Slicing your insides with swords of doubt,

Cause’ hope is far mightier 

Than a passing pause,

Far more resolute through life’s shady cause,

And when you are sunk

And think there is no chance,

She’ll hum to you a message,

As she ventures out to dance 


Finding Peace 


She asked me “how do I find peace?” 

I replied “Peace, my love, 

Is happiness that is free, liberated of anything external

Peace is finding your bliss 

Without any condition, situation, or person attached to it,

Peace is the tenacity to be you and feel your heart. 

Peace is the sound you hear when you circle the scenery of your own soul. 

Like a tree, so rooted to what is real

Like the ocean, exquisite and unending, whether people cherish it or not 

Like a butterfly, unique and colourful, be it night or day. 

Like the moon, full, even when not visibly so” 


Over thinker 


I’m an over thinker,

I will chew upon my insides, 

Swivel scenarios through my mind, 

Become transfixed by all these question marks that trip my heart

As it crawls so wearily from behind, 

I’m an over thinker,

So sensitive to suggestion,

So much feeling to store,

And yet all I want to do is breathe, hold peace, 

And relax, just a little more,

I’m an over thinker,

I paint pictures in my mind,

Of all these worries that seem so distinct,

But never seem to show up in real time,

I’m an over thinker,

And it hurts to think, don’t you know? 

When all I can focus on is these thoughts 

Spiking darts through my bones,

I’m an over thinker,

Maybe not so simple to understand,

But I will love, care and protect you,

Just don’t stop holding my hand 


Little Light 


There is this little light within, 

Her name is Hope,

And I know that as long as I can feel her there,

Just beneath my skin,

Sending her waves within the labyrinth of my mind,

She is snugly at peace within my heart,

And I have a chance


Thank you for reading my poems!  “Pieces: A Poetry Anthology” is now available to download. “Pieces: A Poetry Anthology” is extra special as it will be my first paperback, hope you can check it out, availble as paperback or in digital format

Please share these poems to someone you care for! 🙂

Thank you, Chrissy X

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