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3 Mental Strategies toward a Masterful Mindset

“Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles” – Alex Karras

Mental Strategies

We can enhance our mental strategies to build on mental strength. Our mental strength is elevated through an overload. A distinct push against arises within us a brave push back. It is only by way of our inevitable challenges and hardships that we are able to expand our fibres of strength and become more magnanimous through them.

Our resiliency to bounce back after what hits us is paramount for our overall health and inner being. We can often tangle ourselves in external circumstance, our own bad habits and negative processes. When this occurs we need to press an internal reset and touch back to where we can apply ourselves with humility and confidence. Being mentally strong means having the ability to emerge from a situation in order to gain clarity. This prompts understanding. It utilises your inner powers for evaluation and observing your reactions and responses to circumstance.

Rather than allowing our mind to exacerbate our inner worries and fears, we can master our supreme potential to adjust and adapt to what is before us, and mindfully seek positive solutions.

“If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it” – Michael Jordan

1. Solve the problem outside the problem

As Albert Einstein quoted, “we cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”. All our brilliance to overcome our trials and tribulations lies within. When we change our thinking, our doing naturally follows. This means immersing yourself into a space of quiet where you can reflect and be your own mirror, compassionately opening yourself up to your own patterns of negativity in order to seek a way through. Essentially we break through the shell of our own thinking and chisel away at another viewpoint or perception. We shift the focus from the extrinsic to the intrinsic and turn the spotlight on ourselves. In this way we channel the crux of our energy with wisdom, patience, and grace.

“Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory”- Bill Russell

2. Engage and understand your emotions

Engaging in and understanding our emotions heighten our emotional intelligence. When we work smarter with what we feel we can unveil what sits beneath our fears and anxiety. Instead of numbing and denying our emotional strength we can use it to respond rather than react, manage and mitigate, and flow instead of fight. We revert back to an intuitive state where our hearts invincibility is given a platform to sensitively guide us through our dark times and challenges. Emotionally intelligent people are able to strip back their surface level reactions. They know their own triggers and manage their emotions through awareness, observation and perception. Our mental strength is enhanced by our emotional health as we are both thinking and feeling creatures. Reaching an escalated level of harmony between these energies inspires equanimity and a lessened effect by external circumstance to permeate what we hold within.

“Great leaders don’t need to act tough. Their confidence and humility serve to underscore their toughness” – Simon Sinek

3. Own your story

Whatever your storybook carries within its pages, own it with love, courage and compassion. Remember that you can change your story at any time. Nothing is fixed and we all have free will. We should not seek to love someone else’s journey more than we love our own. The seeds of comparison are sharp and cutting to our soul and innermost values. We are all designed unique with our own original paths to walk through. We lose momentum and our natural impulses for creativity and progression when we focus our energy on other people. When we own our story, we behold all its beauty as well as all its battles. Everything that we have overcome remains imprinted as our badges of honour- something that says we never gave up and we found a way through to rise beautifully on the stalks of our inner strength.

Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose–a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.Mary Shelley

Through self awareness and conscious thought we can shape and re-structure our beliefs, actions and behaviours and align with our individual truth and authenticity. Being mentally tough is a deep curve of inner work where we liberate ourselves from our own destructive processes. We can illuminate our mind with the torch of our inner wisdom and emotional tenacity.

Our masterful minds are forged through an adaptive spirit, a spectrum of inherent strength, and a keen inner awareness that we extend through our looking glass to the outer world.

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