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3 Soul Truths on Mistakes and Wrong Turns

There are no mistakes and wrong turns. Just experiences and wisdom to absorb from everything and every person that we felt was a bad judgement or mistake. We are intuitively guided to each lesson of failure, inner wounding, or struggle to move closer to an inherent truth we hold within. If we continue to view things from the paradigm of wrong/right this only enhances our fears so we become afraid to actually make confident choices. We are too hard and critical upon ourselves. We must allow ourselves the freedom to journey through life in full knowing that it will not be an easy ride, yet if we keep an open heart and mind we can make progress and empower ourselves because of all our challenges and trials. Wrong/right critique inspires guilt and regret that eats away at our soul essence and drains our mental and emotional energy. Living fully means that we will hit hard times and we will encounter people that challenge our way of thinking and doing- because this is how we evolve and expand our existence.

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes”- Oscar Wilde

Life is a beautiful mess. Great love exposes us to great pain. Mass failure inspires us to succeed. And tough times keep us searching for life’s beauty. We should not regret living fully. Here are 3 soul truths on mistakes and wrong turns

1. Following our heart

Our heart intuitively leads us to people and experiences that impel us to look deeper within ourselves. Beyond the surface level lies a far greater truth of who we are. We build layers up for protection from hits and hurts, but without vulnerability there can be no trust- and we must trust ourselves first and foremost otherwise we inevitably scrape away at our own innate intelligence. All those layers that we have created only serve to hinder our forward movement and leave us feeling totally out of touch with ourselves. Our minds lock us in worry and fear, yet our hearts encourage us to step back into life and embrace the mystery of it. A constant search for answers only keeps us asking ‘why’ all the time.

Very often we will not uncover the intrinsic purpose or meaning beyond our struggles and woes until we walk ourselves through with faith and trust that there is a deeper lesson at hand.

“I believe there’s an inner power that makes winners or losers. And the winners are the ones who really listen to the truth of their hearts”- Sylvester Stallone

2. Courage and Endurance

Fear and foreboding enter through our mind space. It is completely natural to have fears but many of them are often irrational and something we have illustrated in our own minds as a massive monster. Fears only have the power that we serve to them; if we continue to feed into them then they grow in might, volume, and size leaving us feeling frozen in their grip. Making decisions that are created through anxiety and fear will awaken greater internal unrest. We cannot dispel fear but we can ask it questions so we can deal with our worries and make choices from the courage we have embedded within. Acutely unravel your fears and what lies beneath will have wisdom to share with you. We should not forget the strength of our soul and the enduring flame of our inner spirit- we have all we need within to overcome any circumstance as long as we believe and trust in ourselves. Mistrust breeds fear.

We can call out those giants that we mentally create by facing them head on so we can find the freedom and bravery to transition them. Our soul is not fearful- it is very much fearless.

“Courage is when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what”- Harper Lee

3. Hold onto Hope

We can’t touch hope, but we can hold her in our hearts. There will be occasions that we feel hopeless, like there is no light at the end of a very dark tunnel we are crawling through. But hope is there even if we cannot feel her and she knows how to bounce back. Sometimes hope is all that is left to see us through when we feel defeated by the choices we have made- and so we must not lose sight of that spark. When we beat ourselves up over what we perceive as being so badly wrong we adversely keep ourselves stuck there. We cannot rewind or turn back to make a different choice but we can pull ourselves out of that inner confusion and focus on something more magnificent and constructive than the installation of more fear into our mindset.

Hope is what we find at the bottom of the barrel- our last port of call when all else has been exhausted. But hope is powerful, warm and forgiving- and she grows in stature when we light her way.

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope”- Martin Luther King, Jr.

When we move out of the mindset of mistakes and wrong/right, we begin to follow the fundamental nature of what life is about- experiences, acceptance, mystery, and the beautiful mess that sits beneath the confusion and seeming misdeeds. Whether we perceive them as ‘bad’ or ‘good’ will either instil more suffering within or an autonomous approach forward. We can fuse ourselves with love, compassion and understanding and decide on the latter.

“In all that we lose, we rediscover a hidden part of ourselves. Loss is a road toward self discovery because it is only when we are stripped back to nothing, that we realise how truly valuable we are.”- Christine Evangelou/Stardust and Star Jumps


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