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3 Reminders on Embracing the Beauty of Vulnerability

“It takes courage to love, but pain through love is the purifying fire which those who love generously know. We all know people who are so much afraid of pain that they shut themselves up like clams in a shell and, giving out nothing, receive nothing and therefore shrink until life is a mere living death.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

Denying our elemental fragility and vulnerability is a half-hearted way of living rather than a full-hearted way of being. Vulnerability is our golden-hued space of courage, authenticity, and quintessential truth. Our hearts are wired through a fearless and fierce essence of love in its highest octave- ignited and full of hope. When we uncover our layers of pain, failure, fears and anxiety, what we find is an emotional truth that sets us on our unique wave of exploration of life. When we untie ourselves from every heartbreak, disillusion, and emotional pain that huddles us in a chrysalis of perceived protection- we sweep back into life’s dance. Recognising our innate fragility becomes just the first step to immersing ourselves back into the realm of chance and possibility again, for every reward always requires some kind of risk.

With open hearts we value life in her entirety and realise that our greatest strength is the beauty that sleeps on the bed of vulnerability. We are not designed for a ‘shrink to fit’ life.

“Sometimes if you expose your vulnerability, someone else will feel comforted. It’s like we’re all in this boat together” – Tavi Gevinson

1.We stop being strangers to our soul

When we touch back to the softest yet strongest place within we begin to see ourselves as we truly are. Too often we become strangers to our own soul and we lose our impression on the world by trying to fit into someone else’s. We inadvertently close down our route to dreams and higher visions when we dim the light on loves true call that speaks of a defiant love of self; one that is forged in strength yet laced with fragility and is unafraid to be seen. Our fundamental nature of connection is how hearts collide through a vibration of love and a rhythm of truth. We cannot expect to be loved for all we are until we temerariously love ourselves to that same cadence first.

We cannot ask anything of love or life that we aren’t first willing to give- and for that we need to be in a space of electric openness and baring our hearts with tremendous courage.

2. Vulnerability fortifies our intuition and heart mechanics

Our intuition relies on our fervent trust. Our ability to trust and believe in what we hold within is awakened through the nakedness of vulnerability. We can only hear and feel our hearts direction when we trust that what it speaks of has value and reason. Our hearts carry the power to magnetise, lovingly connect and overwhelmingly feel. When we lock ourselves out from living with a heart-led energy, we also deny ourselves the propensity and promise of great chance that is engraved in our existence. Our hearts sing of opportunity, adventure, fresh hope, and limitlessness. When we guide ourselves through the tenderness of our inner being we fortify our hearts beams to light our way.

“The intention and outcome of vulnerability is trust, intimacy and connection” – Brene Brown

3. Life is about the full experience

Our emotional exposure illuminates our experience of life. It is a gracious gateway to the wakefulness of an experience that binds us to the openness and freedom of living with a whole heart. If we fearfully choose to dip our toes into only the shallowest of waters- we cannot ever imagine receiving the ocean of what is available when we decide to swim deeper. Falsely protecting ourselves through an internal shut-down of our most natural instinct only leaves us yearning for more. Pretending that we are untouchable or safer when we are closed is like a wilful expulsion from life’s continuation, charm, and cascades of love in all its forms. We are never meant to know all the answers, essentially life’s journey is a mystery that we unravel and allow to unfold piece by piece. Our deepest strength lies within our vulnerability- it is our inner grit of love.

True strength is embracing pain, feeling wounds, rising from failure and tenaciously healing from within, and through it all, still finding the courage and open-heartedness to try again.

“We must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves awake, not by mechanical aid, but by an infinite expectation of the dawn”- Henry David Thoreau

We soak into all our inner strengths by touching back to our conscious awareness of the bigger picture. Our outer world will reflect our inner beliefs, emotions and attitudes. When we decidedly move from our brains way of living to our hearts way of being, all opportunities have the possibility to blossom. In chance, we tap back into curiosity, faith, and everything that can flower from it.

Vulnerability is how the sun keeps on rising after each sun set to shine the promise of a new dawn- rebelling life’s challenges and darkness to always begin again.

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