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3 Lessons on the Power of Perseverance, Patience, and Purpose

Life’s journey is in-built with powerful lessons that mold and measure you, and you are served well by each one when you see the purpose of them on your path. You cannot deny hard times and challenges, you cannot keep them from your door or pretend they don’t exist- they have all come to be heard and to test your ability to get through and overcome. These trials and hardships approach to teach you the power of perseverance, patience, and purpose, and to strengthen and supply you with what you need to be your absolute best in life. Everything that tests you is a chance to grow stronger, every loss or failure comes with the seeds of sowing your success, and every ending is a window of hope for a new beginning- a chance to be renewed and regenerated.

Here are 3 lessons on the power of perseverance, patience, and purpose!

1. Perseverance

The most challenging and brave thing you can ever do is to just keep going when everything around you is not as it should be. What you are aiming for may seem so far away with little or no certainty that it will arrive-but you believe that it will; you invest yourself in that energy and you stay in tune with its rhythm as it beats to the sound of your heart. To persevere is to feel inner struggle and pain, yet with a deep knowing that you will experience the pleasure that will eventually be born from everything it took from you to just go the distance! To persevere is to be like the phoenix that is reborn from its own ashes, stronger and wiser than before. Nothing that is too easy or handed on a plate can ever be really appreciated, because it took little to no effort- so where is the value? What pushes you to persevere holds your greatest gift- if there is something that you truly desire, your dream, your goal, your sweetest ambition…trust your inner wisdom and just keep going!

2. Patience

Bringing great things to fruition requires patience, it is a great force of your inner strength to trust the process and maintain a diligent and composed approach to your dreams or ambitions. It means not freaking out and engaging in wasteful energy when things aren’t happening fast enough, the true essence of patience lies in calm, strong, and determined focus; you drop the spotlight on the external clock and you turn it toward the internal one within you- this is the measure of patience. You cannot control time but you can choose how to respond to it, when you trust the process of your journey then you trust the timing of it too. There are no quick fixes or fast routes to amazing things; the scenic route builds greater foundations that last longer…your road cannot compare to anyone else’s- it is yours, trust it.

3. Purpose

Everyone exists for a purpose. All paths are different yet intertwined with the almost certain guarantee of things that will endeavour to test and push you to rock bottom places and challenging times. Tough experiences give you an enhanced sense of purpose, a reason to keep going, to keep dreaming, and taking action toward your aspirations… you chose this life because you are strong enough to live it- that in itself is a powerful purpose. What you commit to becomes your badge of hope, something that you maintain loyalty to no matter what- be inspired by that commitment and all the highs and lows it brings. Fuel yourself from within and propel yourself toward your aims through having that strong sense of purpose, enthusiasm and dynamism to be the best you can be. Never become passive with your life, you are the director and the CEO of it; what do you want for yourself and how can you achieve the life you desire?

Fall in love with you and your life; seek only the best from it no matter what it brings to your door. See the beauty in all the dark times knowing that everything is temporary, eventually the hard times clear and pave a new way forward. Persevere with patience and with purpose toward your greatest vision of how you want your life to be. Release the weight of too much expectation and broken dreams and turn that attention to just a greater belief in all you have within to overcome and progress…no matter what!

S. A Sachs wrote:

“Hope rises like a phoenix from the ashes of shattered dreams”.

Remember that what falls to pieces has the ability to mend and fuse together even brighter and braver than what was before…don’t give up!

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