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Battles – An Inspirational Poem to Calm the Inner War


An inspirational poem to calm the inner war

Lately, I have been at war with the world, disenchanted and roused by every injustice that finds its way to me.  Maybe I have always been this way- always feeling the need to fight; for me, for others, for something more, for my hopes and my dreams. Perhaps I have allowed too many to trespass my heart with their heavy feet, giving too much of myself to people and circumstances that did not deserve or value my energy , my heart. So, I write, to cleanse and clear- find a way to breathe and remember me.

This is a poem called “Battles”, inspired by the African proverb “When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside cannot harm you”. I feel it has a deep resonance with many of us, trapped in human living, and we are naturally in a state of conflict with ourselves- our own inner war. But when we retreat back into the wisdom of our own soul- the actual simplicity we hold and often hide within, perhaps we can map a way forward that is calmer.

We become our own warriors of peace, lovers of dreams, inspirers of hope, and this extends outwardly.

Here is “Battles” which is in my book of poetry Beating Hearts and Butterflies. I hope you find some meaning and resonance in my words- Chrissy

“Battles” © 2018 by Christine Evangelou


You don’t need to fight everything

Or everyone

Fists clenched, heart in constant defence

The internal terrorist

Cursing every fall, each façade and pretence

And the opposing forces that living fully portends

Sometimes the wisest choice is to reset

Withdraw to your inner compass

Retreat inwardly as far as you can go

Focus on your heart

Beautify your mind

Stargaze and make wishes

Remain vulnerable enough to take a chance

Invoke every cell of magic within you

And pray that your dreams will be your reality someday

Because, sometimes, it’s just ghosts that you are at war with

Your own,

Other peoples,

The world’s hell of false living

The quiet invaders that perplex

The very human holes and conflicts that permeate and churn within

And the spectres that chill the warmest parts of your soul

Sometimes, victory is simply embracing what is

Loving yourself as you are

Meeting others where they are

And then through every hurt, misdeed, reckless act and crashed hope

Choosing to begin again

Becoming your own sage counsel

Strengthening your wings, setting your heart ablaze

Knowing that the biggest battle

Is not the one outside your door

It is the battle of self

And that is an inner war only won through kindness, empathy,

And enduring all the misty, murky pieces of life

So you can create a pathway

Your indomitable bridge to brighter things

As you forgo the trespass, these heavy treads upon your soul


Win your way through the struggle Mighty heart

Because this world needs its warriors of peace and lovers of dreams  

And it will be charmed by what you bring…

Remember, when there is no antagonist within,

There is no war, no foe outside of you either


If you liked this poem, please share it 🙂 May it inspire you to seek some peace within and calm the inner war, Chrissy

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