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8 Soul Reminders for Motivation and Life Balance

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style” – Maya Angelou

Soul Reminders for Motivation and Life Balance

It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day matrix of life without taking a step back to reflect and observe. Just taking a few minutes each day to sit back and be present with your thoughts and emotions can help to shift the scales back to a more even balance. Consider it as ‘your time’- a short break from external noise and interruption to check back in with yourself and ‘reset’…and this can prove particularly helpful for you if you are a little stressed or just overwhelmed with what’s going on around you.

We need time to soak back into our soul and tap back into the centre of our heart space; this allows us to be intelligently guided by our integral wisdom and strengthens our intuition. We may feel confused and lost at times, but our soul and spiritual essence knows the truth of who we are. Through the storms of confusion and uncertainty is where we have the capacity to gain clarity and trust in ourselves and in the process of life.

So, here we are with 8 soul reminders for motivation and life balance!

1. Look for the best in everything

What you focus on is what you get, so make an extra effort to be more attentive to all the good stuff that surrounds you. Engage and integrate your vision to highlight the best parts of your daily life and all you see. Our thoughts create our emotions, when we can perceive things differently or more positively this directly impacts our corresponding feelings. Lovingly detach from what does not serve you and find your freedom through the truest expression of who you are.

2. Feel more, think less

Over thinking is often a waste of precious time and you can freeze yourself in mental processes that aren’t serving you; take a step back to tap back in to your emotions and be guided more intuitively rather than mentally. Simplicity initiates greater harmony. We are thinking and feeling creatures that find equilibrium when our heart and mind are dancing in rhythm and flow rather than battling through inner conflicts.

3. Be present in the here and now

The present time is all that is truly within our control and in our hands. The past cannot be changed and the future depends on what we do today. The power to change and transform lies in the present moment. Worries, anxiety, and fears only hold the strength we give to them. When we feel restless and impatient is when we most need to retreat and align with our internal settings again. Make time for introspection; we can find the answers we seek through solitude and immersing back into our heart space. We can try too hard to make sense of everything, releasing the need to have it all figured out helps to move us forward.

4. Be grateful for what you have

Just showing some appreciation for what you already have can remind you of all the beauty that surrounds you. Our inner strength is heightened when we can find grace and nourish our courage through the toughest of times. Change is the most constant thing in life, if you are going through hardship, find comfort in knowing that it is a cycle or a phase that you can and will emerge from. There is always something to be grateful for.

5. Rise after each fall

We have hidden resources of strength, wisdom, and courage and we are an untapped well of pure resolve. We gain strength and self knowledge when we overcome our obstacles- adversity is our time to shine and illuminate ourselves through dark days. Remember the magic and magnitude of your innermost being- we need to fall so we can courageously elevate ourselves to greater strength. Touch back to your authenticity and everything that inspires growth and evolution within you.

6. There is always a solution

There is a solution for every problem when we seek answers outside of what is before us. You are in a far better position to direct your course of action once you have taken a little time to reflect upon the circumstance and understand it. Find clarity by stepping back from the mind clutter; use your inner vision and intuition to help guide you. You are not your circumstance, you have the innate power to emerge from your trials and immerse yourself into finding a solution.

7. Be the best you

We are often our own worst critics but it needn’t be that way. Instead of knocking ourselves down, we can build ourselves up. Instead of creating limits, we can break them down. Rather than losing ourselves in expectations, we can initiate higher standards. Be kind to ‘you’, even when you make mistakes; mistakes mean that you are trying and our wrong turns lead us to the right places when we follow our hearts. Show yourself the same compassion that you would to someone you value and love- let that person be ‘you’. Perfection is not something outside of you; you are already perfect when you trust the wonder of the person you are.

8. Goals inspire growth and a sense of purpose

Goals move us forward. It is intrinsic to human nature to strive for more and to find that happy and contented place born from our own desire. Whatever your ambitions or goals are always do your best to be clear and concise with them, they are an echo and vibration of what you want and what you deserve. A clear vision with planning is surrounded in opportunity and chance. Create a great blueprint toward your dreams and desires and persevere. Water cuts through rock through sheer persistence. Don’t give up on you.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within us out into the world, miracles happen”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Stay ‘synced’ and connected to all you have within you and keep shining. Aim to practice an inside to outside approach so external stressors have less ability to knock you off your feet…and if they do? You get right back up because you are confident in your warrior-like resolve.

We all have the infinite ability to renew, regenerate and resurge with greater glory from any of life’s hits and curveballs- we create our dance with life.

I hope these reminders have helped you today, please share to someone you care for! Thanks, Chrissy 🙂

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