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5 Reminders on Things You Should Not Apologize For

There are some things that you should not apologise for. Here are some life reminders to support your soul in simply being ‘you’. We should not walk through life feeling worried and anxious of the egg shells and egos that we may crack as we define our path. Life is a full experience. We will make mistakes and we will fall but it is how we rise that truly counts. Ever more beautiful, wise, and strong in the person that we are… and are becoming.

1. Being who you are.

All faults, quirks and failures included. We are multi-dimensional and faceted beings. We are designed uniquely to stand out just as we are. If being who you are upsets anyone else then it’s more of an issue for them rather than you. What we see reflected in another is often something that sits snugly within us too so this is something to be cognizant of. We cannot change others but we can look deeper within ourselves for change and transition. The bottom line is that we cannot be responsible for other’s opinions on our character. Don’t pick your own soul apart  by trying to make it fit. Know yourself and bravely blaze your hard-won and original light.

2. How you feel. 

Emotions flow. They crash and they caress, they fuel and they falter. We can ride the waves without saying sorry and just allow ourselves to feel, without conflict or judgement. If we bury or mute our feelings then they will find another way to rise aggressively within us. Emotions are the elixir of life-embrace them intelligently and respectfully.  In honouring what we feel we heighten our elemental powers of empathy and intuition.

3. What you believe. 

Beliefs are extremely personal to us, why apologize for what you hold in your heart? Don’t deny your own beliefs based on the measure of other people’s perceptions or acceptance of them. We don’t need external validation, just our own. By the same token- don’t be limited by your own limiting beliefs, practice awareness and allow room for possibilities.

4.  Your standards and your values. 

Stand by your values with integrity. Stay committed to your dreams, goals and visions. Your evolution and growth is 100% your responsibility, you deserve your time and energy to create what you dream and desire. Value your place in the world and your voice- we are all born worthy. We each have our inner compass of what we hold dear and it’s not for anyone else to shower shame or disregard onto how we live, learn, and love.

5. Your mistakes and bad judgements. (Or who you were 5 or 10 years ago)

We cannot change the past, we can only make better decisions and life choices when we use our past experiences as our teacher and guide. If we are constantly feeling guilty for something we cannot change then we handcuff ourselves to the door of the past. Remorse eats us up from the inside out and is a wasteful energy that promotes lack. Living fully means taking risks and making ‘mistakes’,  and those bad calls are something we all evolve from – through love, rather than regret.

Set yourself free from the weight of what others expect from you. Transform within you what is needed so you can move forward with courage and grace. We should never intentionally set out to hurt anyone but as human beings trying to find our way- we sometimes will. We can learn and love with greater fire and fury rather than judge and berate.

The essential lesson I’ve learned in life is to just be yourself. Treasure the magnificent being that you are and recognize first and foremost you’re not here as a human being only. You’re a spiritual being having a human experience- Wayne Dyer

Being spiritually minded does not automatically make us beacons of light, it is our dark times that enable us to strengthen our spirit. We can all show compassion and understanding for the people that we are and the people that our experiences are consciously emerging and shaping us into. Sometimes we need to breakdown in order to breakthrough. Ultimately, we should not feel the need to apologise for who we are and how we evolve as people.

And if we have hurt someone? We can say sorry for any unintentional hurt without compromising any of the above. Whether we feel we did hurt them or not is not the point. If someone else feels wounded or sad by something you have said or done then an apology allows for an open dialogue and honesty on both sides.

Live your truth. Show your heart. “Take no shit, but do no harm” rings true.

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