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Life Coaching helps to bridge the gap between your current reality and your desired dreams, goals or aspirations.

Life Coaching can help you to rediscover what is truly important to you and in line with your highest values to navigate a route forward. Once limiting beliefs, fears, and internal blocks are made conscious and unlocked, it gives rise to a whole new perspective. Through enhancing self awareness, you naturally shift to a higher state of thinking that empowers you to take courageous action in your life. Understanding and clarifying your fears helps you to distinguish between self-protection and self-sabotage, and perhaps they are one and the same viewed from an alternate perspective.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”- Wayne Dyer

How can life coaching help you?

Life Coaching can help you overcome your inner conflicts, feelings of lack, and loss of motivation to offer a new perspective on your life. It can help you delve beneath the surface of your thought patterns and resulting behaviours and shine a light on what you need to change, view differently, or shift to a new direction. Through life coaching you can discover a new way of being and doing.

A life coach will not make decisions for you. By way of assisting you to examine the deeper layers of your thinking, a life coach will help you take accountability for your life path and inspire progression toward your true values, potential, goals and ambitions.

Life Coaching can help in times of stress, confusion, loss of work-life balance, challenging times of transition or a meaningful direction. It can help in any area of your life where you feel blocked, powerless, or limited. We cannot rely on loved ones to help us move forward, although they may have good intentions and our best interests at heart, a life coach can offer a level of detachment to help you upgrade your life purposefully through enhancing self awareness, commitment and accountability.

If you accept a limiting belief then it will become a truth for you” -Louise Hay

What’s the difference between Coaching and Counselling?

Life Coaching and Counselling are essentially two very different things and not to be confused. Although there may be some slight overlap, here are the main differences between the two.

  • Counselling is considered as therapy. It aims to heal and treat hidden trauma, while coaching is action-orientated towards your well-being, higher potential and wholeness.
  • Counselling delves deeply into emotional wounds, healing the past and releasing pain, while life coaching helps you focus on the future and motivates you to pursue your passion and dreams- it offers an internal “reset”.

  • A counsellor is perceived as someone who offers insights and intervention, while a life coach is regarded as a partner, a mentor or guide.

  • A counsellor helps reinstate functionality in your life, while a life coach helps you progress on your life path and rediscover your own individuality, calling, and direction.

What’s involved in coaching sessions?

Life Coaching is like Personal Training, but rather for making powerful changes in your mind and way of thinking.

What is involved in the coaching sessions is largely determined by the individual having them and their specific experiences and challenges. A life coach will seek to build rapport, sensitively listen and ask valuable, thought-provoking questions based on what you say (or don’t say) to help you uncover your true personal values and redefine your thought processes and perspectives. The coaching provides a foundation for you to work with your chosen life coach and develop a realistic and meaningful plan of action to progress.

You may think you know what your true personal values are but if these are based on limiting beliefs, your own or others heavy or warped expectations, or following the road that is well travelled then it is easy to lose sight of them.

We are constantly “switched-on” in our outer world and this often results in us switching off from our inner world, and yet any changes that we want to see in our physical lives must first begin with a profound and purposeful transformation within us.

The coaching sessions will aim to help you examine or re-examine where you are right now, how you got there, and what you can do to move forward. Life coaching is ultimately “forward thinking” and future orientated.

The coaching sessions can provide an honest and open platform for you to outline and close the gap between your current situation and where you want to be. The greater the receptivity to the sessions, the better the outcome is for you. Your life coach wants to inspire you to succeed; commitment to the cause really is the master key that can help unlock your potential.

Coaching sessions I provide:  I provide Confidence Coaching and General Life Coaching sessions.

Confidence Coaching:

Confidence is a vital measure in all aspects of life. If we do not feel confident within ourselves, our abilities, our life direction or purpose, our relationships, or even the world that we live in, then everything grinds to a halt.

How can we move forward if we don’t first fully believe in ourselves, and that we can create the life we want to lead?

You get in life what you have the courage to ask for”- Oprah Winfrey

When we lack confidence we feed into our anxieties, insecurities and fear-based thinking. Whatever we nourish with a sense of lack cannot grow or evolve. Lack promotes lack, fullness inspires fullness.

It is natural to feel fearful; it is an intrinsic part of our human nature to feel insecure at times and afraid of what is ahead. Conflicts arise when that lack of confidence and fear stretches into being afraid of who you truly are- and so you hide this person and show a different face to the world because you fear you won’t be loved, accepted or appreciated. Does this sound like you?

We all have a unique role in this world, and we move forward on that path when we inspire confidence and integrity within, and we show up and shine to ourselves, the people we love, and the outer world as the person that we really are- faults, flaws, quirks included. Our spirituality and higher purpose is found within the beating heart of our humanness.

Confidence coaching can help you define a route back to you and what you truly want to achieve for yourself.

  • It can help you face challenges with enhanced confidence, deal with failures or approach them differently.
  • It can help you clarify your own supreme wants and needs.
  • It can help move you past your comfort zones, to be more heart-led and quiet the tendency of the ego to keep you stuck within the parameters of certainty and familiarity.
  • It can help encourage a greater strength and belief in the individual that you are.
  • It can help you feel more confident to live life according to your own values and reach for dreams and goals.

Anything that challenges our self-confidence also has the ability to strengthen it- it all filters down to how we perceive what is before us or lays hidden within us, and the action that we take from there.

General Life Coaching:

General life coaching or personal coaching may take a more rounded view of your life, your challenges, options and experiences.

Sometimes, you may not even know what is keeping you stuck or unable to move forward, or perhaps it is a number of thoughts, feelings, or life challenges and options that are inextricably linked to each other. You may feel unsure of what you feel and the way ahead may seem very confusing, daunting and unclear.

Life coaching in this respect helps to analyze any blocks and beliefs in order to gain clarity, seek fresh perspectives, ground you and help you change your life for the better.

  • It can help you uncover limiting beliefs, fears and inner obstacles.
  • It can help you take greater accountability for your life and overall mental and emotional compass and work/life balance.
  • It can help improve self awareness, self-reflection, and gain clarity in different aspects of life including: articulating and achieving goals, having more fulfilling relationships with others, feeling more confident, and gaining a deeper understanding of the quintessential value of you, and of your purpose.
  • It offers a holistic approach to help you reconsider where you are currently, and the actions needed to move forward.

Having time to retreat and reflect helps us understand ourselves and our motives/triggers better. This is not always easy to do on your own or with the guidance/advice of loved ones. Coaching offers a non-judgmental and unbiased framework for you to share your thoughts, motivations, and experiences with one clear goal in mind: to shift perspectives, gain confidence and clarity and determine… What is the best and most valued way forward for me in line with my highest potential and purpose?

My credentials and professional background in brief:

My Relative Credentials Include:

  • Life Coach Diploma – CPD certified (2019) and NCFE Cache Level 2 Awareness of Mental Health Problems (Bridgewater & Taunton College) 2019
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer and Fitness professional- Active IQ (2010), Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management- FF School of Nutrition (2017), Certificate in L3 Advanced Exercise, Health and Fitness Instruction (City and Guilds) and Certificate in Behaviour Coaching (2017), Diploma in Health and Fitness Studies – ISST (2001).
  • Since 2016 I have been a Self Published Author and Writer of Personal Growth and Motivational articles and books, this also includes inspirational poetry.
  • Since 2017 I have contributed my writing to various online motivational/personal growth/health and wellness online platforms.

My Professional Background:

I have a strong health and wellness background having been in the industry for over 17 years, and leading in group fitness instruction as well as helping people on an individual basis to work toward their goals. Health and wellness coaching processes are very similar to those of life coaching, they involve similar techniques to help uncover limits and limiting beliefs, move past comfort zones, and encompass a fundamental approach to defining and achieving goals.

I have a spiritually minded approach to helping people and I am deeply aware of the challenges that fear, failure, anxiety, and a sense of lack and confusion can instill. For the past few years I have committed myself to helping people move forward through offering alternate life perspectives and guidance at The Motivation Angel.

I am self aware, sensitive and empathetic, intuitive and highly focused on my purpose of motivating and inspiring others, be it through coaching or my writing. This is where my passion lies and what gives a greater meaning and direction to my life. If you would like to know a little more about me, check out my individual story

And finally…!

I seek to help others in the best and most valuable way that I am able to: through sensitivity, empathy, honesty, motivation and forward focus. I want to use my skills, life experiences and personal attributes to help empower and enable others to find balance, value and believe in themselves and fulfill their highest potential. Life is a messy, yet beautiful process of “becoming”- we grow into ourselves through every challenge, hardship and experience that life offers us.

If you are committed to your personal growth, becoming “unstuck”, or just feel that now is the right time to seek a helping hand to inspire your own personal transformation and move more confidently toward your dreams, goals or purpose then I would dearly love to help you get there. Movement ignites and fuels growth.

Change is supremely inconvenient, uncomfortable and naturally scary. Yet we only move through life through the process of change, reinvention and renewal, and so bravery is our quintessential rebel for pushing us past our own limiting beliefs and behaviours. Bravery is feeling the fear, immersing yourself into it and through it so you can come out the other side” – Christine Evangelou

Please feel free to see more info if you are interested in Confidence Coaching or Life Coaching Sessions with me and how to get started.

Please also read through the all-important Client/Coach agreement that highlights the foundation of the sessions and ultimately forms the backbone of our client/coach partnership. And the privacy policy in relation to coaching sessions.

Thank you for taking the time to read this through, I hope I have answered any queries you may have had, please get in touch if you would like any more information on how I can help you progress, Chrissy- The Motivation Angel 🙂

We keep searching for more because we know that more exists” – Christine Evangelou