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Motivational videos are an emotive and punchy way to ignite and inspire us. This is the place for me to share with you the most heart-felt and powerful videos!

The poetry of Charles Bukowski is deep, distinctly beautiful, and inspirational. It cuts to the core and signifies the true passion that sits beneath your dreams and ambitions. “If you are going to try, go all the way”.

Video Credit: RogiDream

“The future you is an infinite you” an amazingly beautiful video by actor and producer Sharukh Khan.

Video credit: Goalcast

You have the ability to move past any limits and reach toward your goals and aspirations 🙂 Value all your challenges and rise up to overcome them…Be unbroken and keep moving toward your dreams, hopes, and wishes with faith and action, hand in hand!

Video credit: Mateusz M

Often what we need is the courage to move out of comfort zones and what we deem as ‘safe’!

When you act bravely through your fear or what you feel may be limiting you… you dull the echo of that voice within that says ‘it can’t be done’ and you transform it to one that says ‘I can do this’, and it can be done. Our ego wants to keep us safe but our hearts want to valiantly soar.  When we focus on courage, love, and positivity we naturally create more of it in our lives and all around us. Be beautifully brave through your fears.

Video Credit: Your World Within

Why do we all (or many of us) love and feel so inspired by the Rocky movies?

It’s the ultimate story of the ‘underdog’, and winning against all odds 🙂 We all have our ‘Inner Rocky’…that place within that is full of courage and just will not give up on a dream or goal. The challenges toward that goal, and what it takes to reach it is what makes the winning all the more worth the while! Embrace that essence within you and keep moving forward; stay committed, you are stronger and braver than you know!

There is a blueprint to achieving goals and desires, the road is never easy, but it is worth it. Don’t be deterred by the setbacks, let them fuel you… the comeback is always much more powerful. We need to fall so we can rise and elevate more determined and stronger than before.

“You are not alone”, Wentworth Miller gives a very emotional and touching talk on tough times and battling through despair. “Let me be to someone else what no one was to me”.

Video credit: Goalcast