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Hi! My Name is Christine, I am a level 3 health/fitness professional, life coach, motivational writer/poet and self published author. I’m passionate about finding meaning by looking beyond what is visible, understanding people and encouraging them to be the best they can be.

I founded The Motivation Angel in 2017 as my platform to share my written work and help coach people toward greater self awareness and by extension, help them to realise their higher potential. Every outer change begins first from within. I believe in the power a switch in perspective(s) can offer in order to trigger something inside and shift our mindset to higher ground. Resistance to change grinds us down and keeps us stuck. As human beings, we are built to evolve- this is what gives our lives meaning, value, and purpose. And we cannot evolve without embracing change. Change is a daunting, unsettling, and chaotic process but when we work with change, change works with us.

The Motivation Angel is a well being and personal growth site devoted to inspiring you on your expansive journey as a whole being and encompassing all facets of human nature. Our spirituality and deeper value is found in the heart of our humanness. 

The site is focused on articles/posts from a spiritual and motivational perspective to help support and encourage you to move forward to the life you deserve and desire- with passion and purpose at your core. I have an ‘inside to outside’ approach as I feel we need to get our internal settings and motivations in the right direction before we can outwardly reach toward goals and aspirations. I don’t have all the answers, but through my life experience, wisdom and perspectives I seek to help you find your own solutions, become wholly accountable for your life direction, and to empower yourselves.

Other info:

Check out my Poetry and Inspiration Gallery for recitations of my poems and please subscribe to my you tube channel for more. Follow/Like “Chrissie’s Voice” to see more of my poetry. I also offer a poetry service if you would like a personalised poem– poetry as a gift.

Motivation isn’t all positivity and light.

Motivation is about digging deep and getting down and dirty to what fuels you, drives you, and inspires you.
You can be fuelled by pain as much as you are driven by pleasure.
Motivation is a direction of your energy.
Motivation comes and goes; everything else is the glue that holds it together- commitment, inner strength, self belief, and courage.
Make your motivation meaningful, authentic, and geared toward your highest good.
How powerful is your purpose, your dream, your goal?
What does it mean to you?
Self awareness holds the key that unlocks us from self sabotage, fear based thinking and limiting beliefs.

Channel your energy on leaving a dent the size of a massive heart on earth’s ground- quote from Stardust and Star Jumps

Need an inspirational nudge? I am an author of six e-books, Stardust and Star Jumps and Rocks Into Roses are my personal growth/motivational releases. Exit Point: Arrows from a Rebel Heart, The Touch of 10,000 Words, Diamonds through the Dark and Beating Hearts and Butterflies are all poetry based. Please see My Author Page for a brief outline on these books or watch my homepage slideshow/montage for a short glimpse!

Stardust and Star Jumps is a motivational guide to help you reach toward your dreams, goals, and purpose, with added spiritual perspectives woven in to the undercurrent of the book.

Rocks Into Roses: Life Lessons and Inspiration for Personal Growth is a collection of my most helpful articles at The Motivation Angel- edited and adapted for e-book with additional guidance. Rocks Into Roses is divided into sub-sections… For the mind, the heart, and the soul.


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